Weather and Climate

Ireland is said to have a mainly cold and wet climate, although summers tend to be rather warm in Limerick, making this a great time to visit. Limerick’s location in southwest Ireland brings relatively mild weather to the city all year round. In winter, the temperatures rarely drop below freezing and in summer, it’s warm enough to swim in the river. Because of Ireland’s northern latitude, the sun shines from 05:00 until 22:00 during the peak of summer, enabling visitors to get the most out of their days. However, rain is always a threat, so be sure to keep your umbrella handy.

Summer and Winter

The summer months in Limerick are likely to be warm and sunny, especially in July and August. These two months are the peak tourist season, bringing a burst of life to the city, but also more crowded conditions. You can expect summer temperatures to average in the 20s.

Winter is another story; although the temperatures average at 10°C or above during the height of winter, the ubiquitous Irish rain falls even more frequently. With only 9 hours of daylight, Limerick can feel somewhat dreary during these months. The shoulder seasons of spring and autumn are the best times to visit. May through June and September through October see wonderful mild weather and fewer crowds.

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The rain, which creates the lush green countryside, is a constant possibility in Ireland. December and January see the most precipitation which can certainly put a damper on your mood. During the rest of the year, the rain will make you feel damp but not necessarily cold. Also, most of the rain falls at night and even during winter, the sun pops out every other day. Be sure you bring a good raincoat, umbrella, and layer your clothing so that you can control your body temperature.