Enjoy the Cuisine of Limerick

Limerick has a reasonably decent selection of places to eat and even a couple of renowned restaurants, given praise by one of Ireland’s most distinguished culinary reviews. The eateries are evenly spread throughout the town, with a cluster arDublin-coddle_fullound the city center and the quays. In general, the price of eating out in a basic cafe or pub is reasonable.

The traditional reputation of Irish cuisine as little more than leathery meat, shriveled fish, and overcooked vegetables has thankfully been overturned in the last few years as newfound interest in cooking has swept the country. New Irish cuisine, as it’s known, takes the hearty traditional dishes and puts the focus on using the abundance of fresh ingredients available throughout the country and preparing them with a bit more finesse.

Irish meals are based around meat – usually beef, lamb or pork, and more often than not, dishes are accompanied by potatoes. Despite the stereotype, potatoes are still king in Ireland and you’ll get your fill here. Fish and seafood, long neglected by the Irish, are making a welcome comeback to menus around the country. Locally-made cheese has also seen a big revival in the past years and you can always find the famous Irish soda bread wherever you go.

Perhaps the most infamous Irish specialty is the traditional fry, a heart attack on a plate, commonly served each morning at your B&B. The fry is still one of the most common dishes in the country, despite its potential health risks. After all, who can refuse a plate of bacon, sausages, eggs, blood pudding and tomatoes?

In Limerick, there are plenty of choices for dining out. Whether you want a traditional Irish plate, fresh seafood or ethnic cuisine, you can get it somewhere in the city. Most likely, your breakfast will be handled by your hotel or inn. For lunch, if all else fails, drop into any pub, where you can always find a basic menu of pub fare. More often than not, pub food is delicious and certainly goes down well with a pint of Guinness.