Activities to Try in Limerick

The locals of Limerick enjoy a number of sporting activities, from the traditional sports of hurling and rugby to individual activities of fishing and golfing. With such beautiful countryside in Limerick and Tipperary counties, there is a lot of incentive to get out and explore as much of it as you can.


This traditional Irish game has an ancient history and involves a ball and stick, and is much like hockey, but faster and more physical. Hurling is played on the same field as Gaelic football, with two rugby-style goalposts and the same scoring method. Despite the seemingly ferocious action on the field, players rarely get injured and the action is incredible to watch.

Gaelic Football

Ireland’s other native game has a large and enthusiastic following all over the country. Gaelic football is fast and exciting, using a round ball similar to football. Players can kick or punch the ball any direction, with the goal being to get the ball between the goalposts or below the bar.

Rugby and Football

Rugby is extremely popular in Limerick, and despite the city’s small size, it is home to no less than nine clubs. Local games are played at Thomond Park throughout the season. Football also has a strong following in the area. Limerick’s local team plays regularly in the regional league. On the national level, both sports are followed with a great deal of passion. You can be sure to catch the games on TV at the local pub whenever they are held.


The Limerick area has three 18-hole golf courses within eight kilometers of the city including the championship play par-72 at Limerick County Golf and Country Club. The other courses are the Limerick Golf Club and Castleroy Golf Club. All of the courses are set amid beautiful green rolling hills and offer a challenge for players of all levels.