This site is dedicated the Saint Patrick’s G. A. A Club, which is a special type of hurling club that can be found in Limerick in Ireland. Hurling is a traditional Irish sport that is still practiced to this day in several parts of Ireland and a number of different clubs such as Saint Patrick’s G. A. A Club have been set up around the world to help preserve and promote the sport and train men and women so that they will be able to compete.

Visitors to this site will be able to learn more about Saint Patrick’s G. A. A Club as well as hurling, including the history of the sport and its importance to the Irish culture. This is also aimed at inspiring people to try hurling for the first time as well as enjoying a match.

Each year millions of people from all over the world travel to Limerick to watch hurling competitions and explore this enchanting part of the world. Limerick is simply bursting with interesting historical and natural attractions that are just waiting to be discovered by people of all ages and from all walks of like.

Therefore, many of the pages that can be found right here on this site have also been created to present people who are interested in traveling to Limerick with an idea of some of the exciting things that they can see and do during this trip. Reading these articles is a great way to prepare for the trip of a lifetime and make sure that it is never forgotten.